Jost Zetzsche

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Jost is an ATA-accredited English-to-German translator, a consultant in the field of localization and translation, and a writer on technical solutions for the translation and localization industry. A native of Hamburg, Germany, Jost earned a Ph.D. in the field of Chinese history and linguistics from the University of Hamburg in 1996.

Jost joined the translation industry in 1997 as a translator and project manager for a localization and technical documentation provider. He has led or participated in localization projects in many major software, web, and documentation environments. 

In 1999, Jost co-founded International Writers' Group in Oregon, where he lives today with his family. Jost is interested in the effect language and translation have on our perception of the world, and he is passionate about helping his fellow translators embrace technology.

The fourteenth edition of Jost's popular book, A Translator's Tool Box—A Computer Primer for Translators, is now available and you can find his Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World in many bookstores and Translation Matters on Amazon.

You can also subscribe to his free computer-related Tool Box Journal for translation professional.


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