At the closing call of the Innovation in Translation Summit last week, Nora Díaz, one of my Summit co-hosts (the other is, of course, familiar to y'all: Josh Goldsmith of the Journal's interpreting column), said she could not believe how fast the three days of the Summit had gone by. I wholeheartedly agreed with her sentiment that it had been an exhilarating event on so many levels, but my tired body and bones made it clear that it had also been a lot of work! But to be sure, it was work given joyfully with a LOT of positive and thankful vibes and kudos that came our way.

This is Thanksgiving week here in the United States, and I have always maintained that this is my favorite US holiday. It's not particularly commercial, it's about families and friends getting together, and it's about, well, thankfulness. So it's thankfulness that I mostly feel after many months of preparation and three days of learning, networking, playing (the "game night" was awesome), discussing, and celebrating with the 5,200 people who registered for the conference, with 20+ extraordinary speakers, generous sponsors, great partnerships with associations like FIT and a number of LSPs, and of course my wonderful co-hosts.

Like last year, we designed this year's event for busy people (I stole this slogan from the ever-encouraging Itzaris Weyman) by asking our presenters to focus their rich information into 20-minute presentations (along with their action-oriented worksheets), which then could be watched on-demand for all conference attendees on the day of their release. We also tried out something new that was highly acclaimed: daily "spotlight sessions" on particularly hot topics (money, AI, and inclusive language). These sessions consisted of watching a presentation together and then discussing it in a large plenum as well as breakout rooms of four (to accommodate all time zones, we repeated those live events). We also had many networking events, a highly utilized community site, etc., etc.

Also like last year, this was a free event, unless you wanted to have access to the presentations for more than the one day on which they were released (we had six presentations a day). To access the presentations beyond that day, you could purchase a premium package. Many did, but Nora, Josh, and I felt that more should be able to have unlimited access to all the sessions. The content is just too valuable (just take a look at the program again to verify that!). So, we would like to offer you a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that will end at 11:59 CET (UTC+1) on Monday, November 28.

Ah, and you wanted to know how much we're selling it for?

A humble 49 euro! Unless you already participated in the Summit and had nothing else to do but watch and work through the videos -- or you already purchased the then-available "Power Pack" -- I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. You can sign up right here.

/And here is something rather personal: As I'm writing this, my sweet daughter Lara had a seizure while driving and got into an accident. She seems to be OK (my wife is on her way to be with her) but I would appreciate you thinking of her./