With the holidays upon us and so many colleagues to thank and show appreciation to (remember that large job last April you never would have finished on time if he or she hadn't helped you?), how about a surprise gift for them? Or how about something for yourself?

Here's a one-of-a-kind gift idea: Aside from his regular presence on Twitter, Jeromobot -- the robotic, eight-centimeter tall, wind-up patron saint of translators -- himself has gone very quiet. Well, it turns out there was a reason for his silence. He's been multiplying, and now there are 30 of him! Every single one wants to find a new home, and each comes with a CD or USB stick containing the Translator's Tool Box e-book (value $50) plus a signed copy of Translation Matters (value $15) (signed by Jost, not Jeromobot!) and a year's worth of subscription to the Premium version of the Tool Box Journal (value $17). This comes to 

US $30

Bad math? No, holiday spirit!

If you order now, there are still a few packages available.

You can select below for the option that applies to the country that you are planning to send the package to:

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